Valuable Tips on How to Make Your Kitchen a More Enjoyable Place

Whether you love to prepare meals or dread the coming of dinnertime every evening, your kitchen’s layout and design will likely have an impact on the time you spend in it. Making time to cook your own food is one of the tenets of a healthy lifestyle, so revamping your kitchen has more benefits that you might expect. You can make cooking enjoyable, even if you’re no top chef, just by choosing the right appliances, materials and arrangement. Here’s how.

One of the characteristics that can greatly affect your cooking experience is how easily you can access the things you need, including pots, pans and ingredients. This is why getting organised in the kitchen is so important, and the most useful way to do that is to customise your cabinetry. However, this doesn’t refer to dropping half the value of your kitchen on cabinets made to your specifications. You can make your cabinets work for you by adding extras such as lazy susans and pull-out drawers. This has the effect of bringing all of your ingredients and utensils to you, instead of you having to struggle to reach them.

Putting ease of access at the top of your list can also help when you are trying to decide on where all of your appliances should go. In a functional layout, the oven and the refrigerator are separate but not so far apart that moving dishes from one to the other requires a trip around the kitchen. Most homeowners opt to put an appliance in between the two, such as a hidden dishwasher. This will ensure that you have enough space to enjoy cooking alone or with family and friends.


One of the most best parts about cooking is finding appliances that help make the process easier. This may seem like a small component of designing your cooking space, but investing in items that do double duty, such as a counter top griddle that can increase your cooking surface, or a high-quality sieve that can act as a sifter and a colander, can make you excited to start meal prep, even if you’ve never liked cooking.

And some of these functional elements can double as decor staples, such as a spice rack that fits with your modern design. Likewise, choosing materials for your counter top, flooring and appliances is both dependent on the kind of look you want and the amount of time you can devote to maintaining these things. For example, tile is a sophisticated decor choice that works great for flooring but that can quickly become a pain if you choose it for your counter tops. And stainless steel is the top choice for modern kitchen appliances, as long as you make sure to clean it with the right solution to avoid streaks and water spots.

You’ll soon find that making a plan for maintenance is just as important to your cooking experience as making these major design decisions. When you have a kitchen that is always ready for use, accommodating to you and your family and stylish enough to want to spend time in, you’ll be sure to make every meal a healthy one.

Source: Homestethics

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