Sedge construction LLC is established as a general engineering and construction firm for rendering services in the construction, remodeling, restructuring and general engineering services in the building industry.

The technical complexity of construction services requirements coupled with the constant evolution of technology dictates that design and construction must be handled with great expertise to achieve cost effective systems and energy efficient installation.

The objective of the company is to provide unrivaled solution with utmost professionalism in the execution of our services in the construction world.

Activities & Services:

The company provides comprehensive construction environment engineering services to clients in all sectors of human endeavors such as oil & gas, hospital, schools, hotels, banking, trading and manufacturing.

Our clientele are diverse from private individuals to public and corporate enterprises.


Executive Chairman

Daniel Gatson is the Executive Chairman of Sedge Construction and an Associate Pastor at the Bridgeway Church in Columbia MD. He started out early as a farm hand and his inquisition took him to pursue career in construction. With over 40years of hands on experience in the build industry. He established Sedge construction in 2009 (formally trading as Sedge Services consultant). He's hands on from the inception to completion of every single project with the team. He's a loving dad, a wonderful husband and basketball fan. He loves hiking and he's a wonderful marriage counselor and a pastor.


Executive Vice Chairman

Kenny Woolworth is the Executive Vice Chairman and also a Pastor at the Bridgeway Church in Owings Mills MD. Aclose friend to Daniel Gatson. David worked in the construction industry tor over 35 years with various organizations in varied sectors before retiring to team up with his friend. Kenny is the quality control manager, a man with a trained eyes for details and timely execution of project. Kenny is also a great dad and a wonderful husband and huge Raven fans. He also love biking and fishing. He's the lead Pastor of the church at the Owings Mills campus in Maryland.


Executive Vice Chairman II

Holding multiple graduate degrees, including a MSc. in Architectural Engineering from the University of North Carolina - Raleigh, Vincent is an International Member of the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineering IEEE (U.S.A), a Chartered Member of the Nig. Society of Engineers, a COREN certified Consulting Engineer, a Fellow, Institute of Operation Research of Nig. and Member, Nig. Institute of Management (FNIM), amongst others. A young, articulate and vibrant self starter with vast experience in Engineering consultancy and construction services. He has extensive experience across Lagos and the USA (presently with MJ Morgan Construction and  Sedge Construction in the USA)


Managing Consultant

An astute professional with vast experience in several areas of Management, Project Execution, Engineering & Technical Practice. He holds an Executive Master’s Certificate & Professional Diploma In Project Management from Project Management College U.K & Shaw Academy Ireland respectively, with an MBA from Business School Netherlands. His creativity, soft skills, doggedness, business acumen and visionary leadership has made him almost indispensable. He has a history of managing multiple projects for clients across the globe in a career that spans 20 years. He is father and a loving husband.